Training and Development

"We can not play a new game with old rules"

Companies based on the development of human capital and who manage to keep it will have a competitive advantage that no one can take from them. Only those who transform survive; and those who make it are those who have the knowledge and skills to adapt.

Knowledge management is increasingly urgent. Being a university graduate professional no longer has the same implication than a few decades ago. Without a certificate, master's, or doctoral degree, one is not competitive any more. We have to be updated in all disciplines.

The facilitator is the one who teaches us to read the time on our own watch. We are all willing to learn, but not to be taught. LOGROS in partnership with International Consulting Group, with the best trainers in the country is aware of the urgent need to develop knowledge and skills, and wants to provide a proper response to this expectation. Millennials or executives who were born after the 1980s do not want to work in companies where they do not find opportunities for personal and professional growth to project into the future.

While the development of knowledge goes hand in hand with the development of technology, in these changing times we seek to enhance the skills of people putting technology at your service, which means, always giving more importance to people.

Before, executives became teachers in a discipline, and job stability was measured in the number of years. Today, an executive is measured more by results. A young man who began his working life seeks rapid growth, either horizontal or vertically, but nobody wants to do the same thing for many years. Companies also influenced by the demands of the modern world expect employees who project themselves, who assume the ongoing challenge of growth that the changing world demands of them. The company that does not project itself to the future, we can say that it is destined to disappear.