Assesment Center

“The prediction of the future performance is essentially the purpose of the evaluation.”

Dealing directly with people tells us how they look or how we perceive them. The objective and technical evaluation helps us see how they really are.

The evaluation should be aligned to the objectives of the company; therefore, our starting point is the strategic plan of the company, its culture, competencies, and characteristics of the position and people. We not only look for excellent people, but also and above all we look for people suitable for the company and position. The evaluation or assessment applies not only to the selection. It is also a valuable tool for transfers, promotions, layoffs, training and development plans. We consider assessments not only as a means to choose, but above all as a basic tool to plan the development of the human talent.

We are constantly researching the latest techniques in the market and periodically assess the result of those we use.

The evaluation or assessment is based on an objective instruments system designed in the light of the latest technology with state-of-the-art instruments, always looking to combine them with live simulation exercises, which have direct relation with the responsibilities and duties of the position to be filled.

Among the evaluations we include interviews, references, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the competencies of the individual, seen in the light of emotional intelligence, understood as the ability to make productive use of his potential translated into productivity, interpersonal relationships, ability to adapt to change, self-motivation, self-leadership.

The selection report includes the process done, in writing. The individuals evaluated receive feedback from his evaluation in LOGROS; so if they choose, they get elements of improvement, and in turn LOGROS validate the results in order to deepen in important features.

“ We are not the biggest we are the best”