Executive Search

“The best executives for the best organizations”.


We are convinced that the real capital of an organization is human capital and that companies that hire excellent and proper human talent will have a competitive advantage difficult to overcome. This is the reason why executive search is the cornerstone of our business. If our mission, goals, objectives, and strategic plan are clear but we do not have suitable human capital, it is useless to us.

We combine market needs, the way to mitigate the risk in hiring, and the candidate's skills to guide the organization into the future.

If we want to form high-performance teams, we must hire people with high potential. We look for the best executives for the best companies, which involves being ethical both in service and the choice of our client companies and executives we recruit.

Since 1984 we have reinvented several times seeking to adapt to constant change generated mainly by technology and social change. The ability to innovate looking modern techniques of performance, leadership skills, orientation to results, and promoting assertive interpersonal relationships are general skills we highly value from each other as consultants and in the executives we look for to be senior and middle managers.

On the other hand, our service is and should be as personalized as possible on the accuracy of details and depth differentiation of competencies make that the executive search process is successful. We look to present to correct candidate than a good candidate. This also implies that the process of knowledge of the company and position, and the search planning are vital.

We move in a globalized world; and therefore, we have access to the global market with contacts in several countries in America, Europe, and Asia. We have received requests from companies wishing to enter the country from Chile, Peru, Spain. We have worked for searches in Guatemala, Ecuador, and Argentina.

For over 32 years we have served clients in virtually all sectors of the economy such as the agricultural, metal, service, hotel and tourism, food, laboratory, health, oil & gas, chemical, energy, industrial equipment, technology, telecommunication, graphic art, construction, finance, insurance, consumer Product, among other industries.