About Us

Mission, Vission and Values

Who we are

We are consultants, which is conceived by us as having a vocation of service, high-level academic background, and extensive experience in the areas of our specialty. This also implies that we are familiar with the market, country's needs, our clients, and we are able to successfully integrate these 3 aspects.


We intend to collaborate to the business/entrepreneurial development of the country through a population properly occupied in the job it knows, by implementing organizational development methods duly adjusted to national and international realities.

We formed a team of human and professional qualities in constant updating looking to become strategic allies of our clients and generating profitability for them, the employees, society, and our partners.


We aim to consolidate as the best consultant in search and selection of executives of the highest level, through strong growth, and have the highest standard of quality, both in processes and services dominating the sectors of our specialty, at national and international level.

Above all, we look for the best executives in the country and provide support to integral human management.


Quality of service

Before quantity of service. We are aware of the importance of responding quickly to the client, but we do not change speed for quality, seeking to provide always a quick response.

Honesty and transparency

With our internal and external clients.

Permanent innovation and creativity

To be up to date in modern management techniques and adapt to the constant change that technology and market demand. This effort has been on for 31 years.

Absolute confidentiality

With the information we handle, both at the client-company level and of the human talent that comes to us.

Orientation towards globalization

We serve requirements across the country and have contacts in the 5 continents. We have served clients in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, United States, and Spain.

Passion for work

We work for a better country helping companies to become more productive through satisfied and competitive people/employees. It is proven that happy people are more productive.