Logros Colombia

We are consultants, which is conceived by us as having a vocation of service, high-level academic background, and extensive experience in the areas of our specialty. This also implies that we are familiar with the market, country's needs, our clients, and we are able to successfully integrate these 3 aspects.

Organizations that invest in getting the best human talent and work hard to develop it,will have a competitive advantage hard to beat."

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About Us


LOGROS COLOMBIA is the consulting firm in Human Resources with greater experience and prestige in the country. It was founded by Maria Jimenez, in 1984, to provide advice to production and service enterprises, both at national and international levels.



Executive Search

We are convinced that the real capital of an organization is human capital and that companies that hire excellent and proper human talent will have a competitive advantage difficult to overcome. This is the reason why executive search is the cornerstone of our business. If our mission, goals, objectives, and strategic plan are clear but we do not have suitable human capital, it is useless to us.

Assesment Center

The prediction of the future performance is essentially the purpose of the evaluation.

Work Climate Diagnosis

Employee satisfaction and retention is one of the main concerns of CEOs and HR departments nowadays. We know that a pleasant work environment with a culture that promotes a sense of ownership and the commitment to the task are strong competitive advantages.

Training and Development

Companies based on the development of human capital and who manage to keep it will have a competitive advantage that no one can take from them.